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RICochet : Reseach on community intervention


The research team “Ricochet’’: Research on community interventions is supervised by Professor Annie Bérubé. The various projects led by this team allow to better understand factors that contribute to parent’s involvement in several domains of their child’s live. The team has developed expertise in two lines of research. In the first line, research focuses on the impact of community-based activities for the participating families. Program evaluation is used to better comprehend which program components are most likely to support families. The second line of research aims to understand mechanisms underlying some parents’ difficulty in responding to their child’s needs. Psychological and physiological factors are explored in order to identify the variables associated with parental response. Current studies focus on the impact of emotion perception and stress generated by dyadic parent-child interaction on parent’s commitment to their child.

Annie Bérubé

Research Interests

  • Parental involvement

  • Program evaluation

  • Child neglect

  • Community-based intervention

Significant work

  • Bérubé, A., Lafantaisie, V., Clément, M.-E., Coutu, S., Dubeau, D., Caron, J., & Lacharité, C. (2017). Caseworkers’ Perspective on Risk Factors in the Family Environment Influencing Mothers’ Difficulties in Meeting Children’s Needs. Children and Youth Services Review, 82, 365-372.


  • Clément, M. È., Bérubé, A., & Chamberland, C. (2017). Validation de la version française de l’échelle multidimensionnelle des conduites de négligence parentale. The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 62(8), 560-569.


  • Clément, M-È., Bérubé, A., Chamberland, C. (2016). Prevalence and Risk Factors of Child Neglect in the General Population. Public Health, 138, 86-92.


  • Bérubé, A., Lafantaisie, V., Coutu, S., Dubeau, D., Caron, J., Couvillon, L., Sirois, M.-C., & Devault, A. (2015). Élaboration d’un outil écosystémique et participatif pour l’analyse des besoins des enfants en contexte de négligence: L’outil Place aux parents. Revue de psychoéducation. 44, 1, 105-120.


  • Bérubé, A., Lafantaisie, V., Dubeau, D., Caron, J., Coutu, S., & Devault, A. (2014). Using Implementation Evaluation to Uncover a Child Neglect Prevention Program. Evaluation and Program Planning, 45, 1-8.

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