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Laboratoire d’études sur la douleur et la santé (LEDS)


The Laboratoire d’études sur la douleur et la santé (LEDS), or Laboratory of studies on pain and health, of the Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) is directed by professor Stéphanie Cormier. It brings together both graduate and undergraduate students in psychology, all of whom are interested in the psychology of health, and more specifically in the concerns brought by pain. In most cases, research endeavours in the laboratory relate to the contribution of psychosocial factors to illness and its treatment. A particular interest is shown in the effects of cognitive, affective, and social variables on the experience of pain, as well as response to its treatment. As such, our studies attempt to further our understanding of the patient’s perspective of his own experience of the illness while promoting their active participation in the condition’s management. For instance, our most recent works studied the effect of expectations on pain regulation in regard to self, pain perception in others, but also stigmatisation of chronic pain. In each study undertaken in our laboratory, we aim particularly at bridging the divide between research and practise, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the betterment of the welfare of suffering and ill people.


Stéphanie Cormier



Research Interests

  • Psychosocial determinants of health and sickness

  • Chronical pain

  • Pain modulation

  • Psychology of health

  • Adult clinical psychology​

  • Patient centered approach​

Significant work

  • Cormier, S. & Lévesque-Lacasse, A. (2021). Biopsychosocial characteristics of patients with chronic pain expecting different levels of pain relief in the context of multidisciplinary treatments. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 37(1), 11-19.

  • Too, A., Gatien, C., & Cormier, S. (2020). Treatment satisfaction mediates the association between perceived physician empathy and psychological distress in a community sample of individuals with chronic pain. Patient Education & Counselling.

  • Lévesque-Lacasse, A. & Cormier, S. (2020). La stigmatisation de la douleur chronique : Un survol théorique et empirique. Douleurs : Évaluation – Diagnostic – Traitement, 21(3), 109-116.

  • Blais C., Fiset D., Furumoto-Deshaies H., Kunz M., Seuss D., Cormier S. (2019). Facial features underlying the decoding of pain expressions. Journal of Pain, 20(6), 728-738.

  • Cormier, S. (2017). L'apport des attentes du patient à la gestion de la douleur chronique. Douleurs : Évaluation – Diagnostic – Traitement, 18(6), 274-281. 

  • Cormier, S., Lavigne, G. L., Choinière, M., & Rainville, P. (2016) Expectations predict chronic pain treatment outcomes. Pain, 157(2), 329-338. 

  • Cormier, S., Piché, M., & Rainville, P. (2013). Expectations modulate heterotopic noxious counter-stimulation analgesia. The Journal of Pain, 14 (2), 114-125. 

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